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If you want your air conditioning unit to last longer, work better, and be energy efficient but your air conditioner is not cooling enough, or your energy cost is rising, it’s time to schedule air conditioner maintenance service.

A/C Maintenance Checklist

There are few things that people do to ensure that their air conditioner works efficiently all year long. Some of these steps can be done by the homeowners, while for some procedures help form professionals should be taken.

Tips to Prevent Problems from Occurring in the AC Unit

  • Remove the dirt and debris near the AC unit
  • The condenser coil should be cleaned every year
  • HVAC air filters should be replaced when required
  • Make sure to clean the condensation drain
  • Recharge refrigerant
  • Motors and bearings should be lubricated


Inspection of Air Conditioners by Five Star Heating & Cooling Professionals

It is ideal to schedule an annual maintenance service of your AC unit before the summer season so that it can work efficiently when required. Five Star Heating & Cooling ensures that your home’s AC unit is in good condition and can last for the years to come. Moreover, our experts also address small problems that can lead to costly issues in the future.

AC Repair Services

By hiring professionals of Five Star Heating & Cooling to inspect the AC unit, it will become easy for you to understand that if it needs repair or replacement. Many things can go wrong with the AC, whether the problems are major or minor. With the expert assistance of our professionals, you can get to know about these problems.

Following are some signs that could indicate that your AC unit might need attention.

  • If your AC is making unusual sounds
  • If the indoor humidity is suddenly increasing
  • If a strange odor is coming from vents of the unit
  • If the cooling is inadequate and the AC turns on and off repeatedly
  • If your AC shows apparent water leakage
  • If the cooling is not being transferred equally in all the parts of the house

You can count on our company for all sorts of issues that your AC unit might face. Just give us a call, and we will be on our way to provide you with indoor comfort.

Air conditioner Installation by Our Professionals

An air conditioner is an expensive purchase that you make, and therefore you want it to last longer for the coming years. Sometimes if the proper maintenance has been neglected, then the AC might undergo multiple repairs. The reason for multiple repairs can be the age of the AC unit.

If this is the case, your AC needs to get replaced by trusted HVAC professionals. Because no matter how expensive and top-of-the-line air conditioning system you have, it will not work efficiently if not installed properly.

With the installation of new AC, you will enjoy the decrease in energy and a comfortable environment with increased working efficiency of the AC.

Hire Five Star Heating & Cooling.

Hiring professional experts of (name) for the installation process can give you the benefits like:

  1. Give Advice

Our company’s professionals will give you advice in choosing a new AC if you haven’t selected one. The experts know how your air conditioner interacts with the HVAC system and select the best method for installation so that you can get the most benefit.                  

  1. Fast Installation Services

Our team members are well trained and well experienced in performing the installation tasks and perform them quickly and efficiently, ensuring that the AC is installed according to the necessary specifications.

After installing the new system, check and test it to see if it is working properly or not.

To schedule a A/C tune-up, feel free to call us at +1 (416) 716-4386

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