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Gas barbecues are getting very popular nowadays as if they were not popular enough. The reason is that natural gas is more convenient because you don’t have to worry about filling up the tank or even having a tank at all.

There are many home appliances for which gas is an efficient fuel, and when it comes to the poolside BBQ party in the summer, your BBQ must have a proper gas connection installed for convenience.

If you think of installing a BBQ gas line, you might want to take help from professionals as wrongly installed gas connections can be dangerous and a safety hazard to your home. Our experts at Five Star Heating & Cooling are professionally experienced in the repair, maintenance and installation of gas lines.

Once you have selected a BBQ station location, we will install a gas line for you. In this installation process, we include installing adapters, couplers, and a running gas line toward your BBQ grill location.

We install the gas line, inspect the leaks in the gas line, and protect the gas line against possible leaks. If you have a propane BBQ, you don’t have to run to the store to buy a gas grill as we can convert it into a gas grill using a conversion kit. Just make sure to purchase the right kit for your BBQ grill model.

Common Gas Line Problems

Usually, the gas fittings are incredibly efficient and work properly, but some common problems are described below.

  • Cracked Seals: With time, the bell joint seals dry out and begin to crack and to resolve this problem, you should take help from our professionals as it is usually challenging to diagnose.
  • Incorrectly Sized Fitting: If the gas line is not installed with the correct size fitting, it will cause a problem and to not experience this problem, our professional measures the proper size of the fitting before placing it.
  • Problems with the Joints and Connectors: Another common issue facing the gas line is joints and connectors. With time the joints and connectors wear out and cause a problem in the gas line.

Benefits of Having a Gas Barbecue

A gas barbecue is affordable, convenient and makes the taste of food excellent.

  • Affordable: Using a gas BBQ is much cheaper than propane grills as it cost less to use and maintain. You will indeed have to pay the installation and conversion fee, but you will save much energy in the long run.
  • Convenient: Gas BBQ’s are convenient because they don’t have a tank that will need filling now and then as they are connected to the natural gas in your home, which means that you will have an unlimited supply of fuel in a gas BBQ grill.
  • Clean Energy: Using natural gas, you can save the environment and yourself from dangerous fumes as natural gas creates less exhaust than propane and doesn’t add fumes to your food.

Five Star Heating & Cooling's Services

If you want to install the BBQ line, you can contact Five Star Heating & Cooling as our professional team is an expert in the installation process. Moreover, we provide custom services to our customers according to their needs and wants.

Service on the Same Day: We provide services on the same day you discover a gas leak in the BBQ gas line or any other fault that is not easily visible.

No Hidden Fees: We charge the fee that we have asked for according to work, and there is no hidden fee in our services.

Qualified and Certified Staff: At Five Star Heating & Cooling our staff is qualified and certified in installing BBQ gas lines.

Reasonable Price: we believe in providing quality service to you and not overbilling you with additional costs.

It would be best if you got our services to get the work done correctly. Call us on (+1) 416 716-4386 or visit to see more of our services.

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BBQ Repair & Installation

Gas barbecues are getting very popular nowadays as if they were not popular enough.

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