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The humidity level inside your home is essential to maintain indoor air quality. Humidity level higher than 50% becomes a source for allergens like mold to grow, while humidity level below 30% becomes a reason for dry skin and asthma attacks.

Humidifiers help maintain your home’s humidity level and play an essential role in providing indoor comfort to the residents. A humidifier keeps the ideal humidity level inside the house and helps your furnace work efficiently in the winter season.

Five Star Heating & Cooling Humidifier Repair and Installation Services

In winters, parched air becomes a reason for dry skin, an itchy nose, and asthma attacks. Therefore, the homeowners must improve the moisture quality to maintain indoor comfort.

Our technicians at Five Star Heating & Cooling have skills and experience in installing and repairing humidifiers. Our company gives proper training to workers so that they can stay updated on the best repair methods. If you want to install a whole-home humidifier service, give us a call on (+1) 416 716-4386 We will do a proper inspection of your system and provide you with annual service plans.

Do I Need to Repair My Humidifier?

A humidifier is always a good investment as it increases the home’s moisture level and reduces the dirt, dust, and other airborne particles, which will help you in breathing.

Benefits of Installing Humidifiers

Suppose you face dry air-related issues, then it’s time to add moisture to your home’s environment. Whether you have purchased a portable humidifier or want to mount a whole-home humidifier, Five Star Heating & Cooling can tell you to have it in your house because of its benefits.

There are various benefits of installing a humidifier in your home as the dry air contributes to the issues like:

  • Allergies
  • Dry Nose and Sore throat
  • Dry skin and itchy eyes
  • Headaches
  • Common cold

These dry air symptoms are related to the common cold, but if you feel these symptoms in the house and get better when you leave the house, it indicates dry air inside the home.

Repairs in a Common Humidifier

Humidifiers are much simpler than air conditioners and furnaces, and there are a couple of things that can go wrong with them. The most common problem occurs when the humidifier doesn’t work, and it can be resolved by simply checking the electricity connection.

Moreover, you can restart the unit as sometimes the problem in the humidifier occurs due to the faulty humidistat or a defective power cord. Another problem occurs when the humidifier doesn’t add moisture to the air or adds very little water to the atmosphere.

This problem can be resolved by checking the humidifier’s size as if it is according to the room’s size. If the humidifier is small, then it would not add proper moisture to the air.

The severe problems like leaking and loud noises can be resolved by hiring our professional. As at Five Star Heating & Cooling, we care about our consumers’ comfort and complete our job as efficiently as possible. We also provide advice on maintaining the humidifier so that the repair cost can be saved.

Installation of a Whole-home Humidifier

We at Five Star Heating & Cooling provide whole-home humidifier installation services that can be beneficial for you in the winter season and prevent your family from directly contracting the flu and other seasonal viruses.

During the winter season, your heating system makes your home warmer and dries the air simultaneously. It can cause your nasal passage to dry out and become irritated. Therefore, installing a whole-home humidifier will introduce water vapors in all parts of your home.

Hire Five Star Heating & Cooling.

Five Star Heating & Cooling provide services for installation of a whole-home humidifier as well as repair and maintenance services of the humidifiers.

We also provide additional features with our services like

  • Annual humidifier maintenance plan
  • 24-hours emergency service
  • Free second opinions
  • No charge on overtime

So, if the humidity level in your home is low, call at (+1) 416 716-4386 and get help from our professionals to make your living comfortable.

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