Water Heater Repair & Installation

Water Heater Maintenance

Water Heater Maintenance and Installation


Water Heaterare useful winter season product as they store hot water and make it convenient for the residents to use the water for household chores. These tanks are very beneficial, but if proper maintenance is not provided, they will not perform efficiently, and you will have to pay an additional cost of repair and replacement.

A vital maintenance routine of Water Heaterincludes flushing the water tank filled with sediment and debris to retrain them from building up in the tank and water lines.

Another form of water heater maintenance is checking water temperature, adjusting it properly, testing temperature-pressure-release value, and installing pipes to avoid condensation.

Residential Water Heater

Residential water tanks are not that big, but they still occupy space as they have a storage tank to store warm water. These tanks are connected to various devices that heat the water. For residential use, Water Heaterheat the water through the following methods.

  • Some Water Heaterare electric and use electricity to provide energy to the water inside the storage tank and make it warm
  • Similarly, gas Water Heater use gas for heating the water. In this method, a burner is placed beneath the storage vessel to heat the water.

Commercial Water Heater

Commercial Water Heaterare much heavier than residential Water Heaterand come in various sizes. These tanks have a storage capacity that ranges from 50 gallons to 62 gallons. A large vertical or horizontal storage tank with a large capacity is used in large office buildings and are made up of heavy gauge and coated steel.

Water Heater Installation

If your shower is cold now and yet the energy bill is getting high, it might be a time to change the hot water tank. Five Star Heating & Cooling provides services of installation of Water Heater that are energy-efficient and easier to maintain.

We have a team of professional experts who perform their services efficiently and ensure that you get the proper installation of your water heater. We assess our customers’ homes thoroughly to determine the best model of hot water tank for installation, according to the need for water heater.

Benefits of Installing a New Water Heater

By getting the services of Five Star Heating & Cooling, you can benefit from our professionals’ free estimates. Moreover, the models we recommend have competitive pricing and can benefit you financially.

Some other benefits of installing a new water heater are as follows.

  • Increase in Efficiency: New Water Heater are energy efficient that benefits the owner financially. Moreover, energy factor ratings used to measure the amount of hot water produced have also improved in the new models.
  • Less Space occupied: New models are compact and occupy less space. They can allow you to have additional space in your home.
  • Hot Water Replenishment: with time, water heaters’ efficiency decreases, making you suffer from cold water. Moreover, they can make the water dirty as well; therefore, installing a new hot water tank will improve the water quality at your home.

Water Heater Installation services by Five Star Heating & Cooling

We provide the services of

  • Gas Water Heater Installation Services
  • Electric Water Heater Installation Services

Hire Five Star Heating & Cooling.

We install water heaters of all models, and our installation services are based on building codes, locals’ laws and regulation. Our professionals work carefully and ensure that the hot and cold-water pipes are correctly rotted to avoid water issues.

Moreover, our plumbers make sure that the hot water tank has proper venting to avoid fire accidents. You can choose us for our artistry and professionalism as we care about the comfort of our customers. If you want the maintenance, repair, or installation services of your water heater, you can contact Five Star Heating & Cooling at +1 (416) 716-4386

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